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China Water Resources Beifang Investigation, Design and Research Co. Ltd. (BIDR) is a highly reputable Class A investigation and designing firm in the water resources and electricity sector in China. Its predecessor is an over 50-year old ministry-run designing institute, which was incorporated in January 2003 as a large science and technology oriented enterprise. With its major business in exploration, survey, design, scientific research, and engineering supervision in different regions, nations and industries, BIDR is also expanding its business into the fields of new energy, ecological and environmental protection, designing consultancy, and construction management. It is one of the earliest firms in the trade to pass the ISO 9001 quality control system. And it is one of the first group enterprises qualified to develop the overseas market in independent economic and technical cooperation.

BIDR is now staffed with over 1052 personnel, including:

◆1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 
◆2 national engineering design masters,
◆3 Tianjin engineering survey and design masters,
◆1 honorable experts titled by Tianjin Municipal Government, 
◆649 semi-senior and senior engineers, 
◆381 certified practitioners of in the disciplines concerned,
◆3 experts enjoying government allowance. 

Now BIDR has qualification certificates in seven fields, i.e. water conservancy, electrical power, architecture, water navigation, highway, municipal public works, and agriculture and forest. In2009,the national development and reform commission for approval,become a national water conservancy design unit only consulting evaluation.

Over the years, BIDR has formed its own cutting edge in such realms as river basin planning, long distance interbasin water transfer, large water control projects and dams, deep and long tunnels, TBM technology, high-head diversion and run-of-river power station, soft rock foundation treatment, large river barrage, river ecological improvement, high-lift staged pumping station, etc.

The major planning, investigation and design projects undertaken by BIDR include: Haihe River basin comprehensive planning, national water and hydropower resources planning, Reconstruction and Expansion of Sanmenxia Project on Yellow River, Panjiakou Water Control Project, Wanjiazhai Water Control Project, Shapotou Water Control Project, Gelantan Hydropower Station, Luanhe-Tianjin Water Diversion Project, Shanxi Wanjiazhai Yellow River Diversion Project, Middle Route and East Route of South-to-North Water Diversion Project, Zhujiang River Embankment, and river improvement of Zhangweixin River, Duliujian River, andYongding River.

BIDR is one of the trailblazers in tapping the overseas market. It has undertaken about 90 projects in more than 40 countries, including Teluk Bahang Water Supply Project in Malaysia, Imboulou Hydropower Station Project in Congo, Gomal Zam Dam Multipurpose Project in Pakistan, Rehabilitation Works of Parwan Irrigation System in Afghanistan, Nadarivatu Renewable Energy Project in Fiji Islands, etc.

BIDR has been titled as “Top Hundred Investigation and Design Enterprises in China by Comprehensive Strength”, “Excellent Enterprise in Tianjin City” for years in a row. And over the years, BIDR has won hundred plus scientific and technological awards from authorities above the ministerial level, including 37 national awards, 11 national gold or first class medals, 4 national patents. It was titled as “Tianjin “Model Unit in Tianjin City” for 14 years straight and as “National Model Unit in Water Sector of China” for two years from 2006.