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Business Introduction
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China Water Resources BeifangInvestigation, Design, and Research Co. Ltd (BIDR) is a ministry-runcomprehensive science and technology enterprise. It was founded in 1954,settled in Tianjin in 1979, and incorporated in 2003 with the registeredcapital of 200 million RMB Yuan. It has been titled among “National CivilizedEnterprises”, “Top Hundred Design Enterprises in China”, “Excellent Enterprisesin China’s Water Sector”, and “National High-Tech Enterprises”. BIDR boastsNational Engineering Design Integrated Qualification Class-A and NationalEngineering Exploration Integrated Qualification Class-A, two topqualifications in the field of engineering design and exploration in China.

BIDR hasundertaken comprehensive water-related plannings and special plannings of Chinaas a whole as well as various provinces, regions and river basins in China.Besides, it has done a number of rare and challenging large-scale inter-basinwater transfer projects in the world, creating a number of the world recordsand industry records. In this course, BIDR has formed its traditional cuttingedge in realms such as river basin comprehensive planning, long-distance andinter-basin water transfer, large multipurpose or high dam, deep and longtunnel, river and lake ecological improvement, urban and rural water integration,clean energy utilization, large-scale irrigation and canal development,construction management, project safety detection and monitoring, geotechnicalengineering, intelligent operation and maintenance, standardized reservoirmanagement, etc. Moreover, with the increasing use of 3D collaborative design,BIM+GIS data integration platform, and advanced technological means such asunmanned airborne radar, unmanned underwater detection unmanned ship, etc., BIDRhones its technology advantages in digital and smart water conservancy.

As a central government owned enterprisein the water sector, BIDR always adheres to the core values of "People OrientedCulture, Value Creation and Shared Growth", and adheres to the developmentorientation of innovation, management, scale and efficiency, as well as thedevelopment path of industry diversification, industrial chain integration,organization platform, regional internationalization and digital intelligence.It is committed to building a technology-based engineering company withintegrated full life-cycle services in the field of energy infrastructureprojects.