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Chen Shaosong

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Graduated from Tianjin University with a Bachelor of Engineering in 1984, and graduated from Tianjin University with a Master of Engineering in 1989; party member; professoriate senior engineer; deputy chief engineer of China Water Resources Beifang Investigation, Design, and Research Co. Ltd.

He has worked for over 30 years in the field of hydraulic structure engineering for water resources and hydropower projects. In this course, he has accumulated rich experience and technical know-how, which help him solve many technical problems in work. He has headed or participated in projects in numerous countries such as Pakistan, India, Peru, Malaysia, Mongolia, Mali, Iran, Ethiopia, Laos, Argentina, etc. He has made a great contribution to promoting BIDR in the international engineering market.

He has won May 1st Labor Medal in Tianjin City for twice, the title of Outstanding Communist Party

Member in Tianjin City, the title of Advanced Individual in the Eighth Five Year Plan awarded by Tianjin General Trade Union.

He has published a number of papers on academic journals in China.

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