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National Engineering Master -- Lin Zhao

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A graduate from Tsinghua University in 1952,

National engineering design master,

Vice Chairman of BIDR Expert Panel,

Member of the Hydraulic Structures Expert Panel of the Chinese Society of Hydroelectric Engineering,

Member of the Yellow River Research Commission of the Chinese Society of Hydraulic Engineering,

Member of the expert panel of South-to-North Water Diversion Project,

Member of Tianjin Young and Middle-Aged Expert Appraisal Commission.

Used to be in charge of design of Gangnan Reservoir, Longmen Reservoir, Rehabilitation and Expansion of Sanmenxia Water Control Project, Daliushu Water Control Project, Reconstruction of Banqiao Reservoir, Shapotou Water Control Project, etc.

Author of such papers as Pore Pressure in Earth-rock Dam, Embankment Materials for Earth-rock Dam Construction. His translation includes Mechanization in Hydropower Station Project, Water Distribution and Metering Structures for Irrigation, Operation and Maintenance of Mitre Gates and
Ship Locks