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Zheng Yongliang

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A graduate from Hohai University in 1984, with bachelor’s degree in land hydrology; Party member; professoriate senior engineer, deputy chief engineer of China Water Resources Beifang Investigation, Design, and Research Co. Ltd.

He has worked for over 30 years in the field of water resources and hydropower planning. He has headed over 100 projects, including comprehensive river basin planning, flood control planning, river regulation programme, river mouth planning, water supply and water transfer planning, reservoir and hydropower station planning, etc. And in this course, he has accumulated rich experience in water-related planning.

He was titled Excellent Chief Engineer in the water-related survey and design trade nationwide, holder of May 1st Labor Medal in Tianjin City, and Excellent Party Member of Tianjin Agriculture Committee.

He has won 1 Silver Prize in the water-related survey and design industry nationwide, 2 Second Class Prizes for excellent consulting nationwide, 1 Second Class Prize of Haihe Cup Survey and Design Rating in Tianjin, 2 First Class Prize for excellent consulting in Tianjin City, 2 Second Class Prize for excellent consulting in Tianjin City.

He has published more than 10 papers on academic journals in China.

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